The Learning Management System for healthcare

Sling LMS is the first Australian designed Learning management system built specifically to meet the needs of healthcare providers.

We don’t want you to have to take a training course to learn how to use your LMS so we put our resources into developing a system that was robust, agile and intuitive.

Empower managers and team members alike

Sling LMS allows you to designate your team managers to do exactly what you want them to do – manage their team’s learning. Your team managers can create their own learning teams, assign learning tasks, set timelines, monitor and track completion and support team members who may be struggling with essential concepts.

Team managers can engage their team in designing their learning packages, generate team learning reports and send reports to those who need to know.

Individualised learner groups and pathways

Need a simplified system for assigning individualised learning pathways? Sling LMS has it. We’ve made it easy to set up learner groups and pathways – for individuals, department groups, professional groups, specialty areas and more. Whether it’s on-boarding new employees with their critical learning package, assigning essential workplace health and safety modules to all your employees, or assigning specific learning to a speciality group – you can do it all with Sling LMS.

Through Sling LMS’s system of automated emails your employees will know what is expected and when. Better still – you empower individuals to manage their own assigned learning through their personalised dashboard - there will be no confusion – everyone on the same page every time.


Add your own modules

Got your own in-house training modules and customised training? No problem! Sling LMS is SCORM and xAPI compliant and is modulated to meet your needs. Make it easy for everyone and upload your own learning modules anytime.


Live Learning

Create, invite and enrol participants in your Live Learning activities.

With our easy to use and agile system, any administrator can use Sling LMS to manage invitations, enrolments, and all other features of Live Learning activities.

You can create blended learning packages with online quizes and extra reading materials, allocate CPD hours and issue certificates.


Add your essential documents and ensure understanding

Documents and quizzes

With Sling LMS, you can upload your essential documents, develop a quiz and assign the learning to anyone – an individual, a specific group or everyone – your documents your way.

Update and Archive

A change in a document? Simply download and automatically archive the superseded document and upload the new one – a permanent record of all versions at your fingertips.

Learner engagement and risk management

Every element of Sling LMS has been designed to empower all users to engage, manage, monitor, report – managing risk, always improving.

Through our state-of-the-art, fully customisable risk management tools, your managers will be able to set risk management alerts – for themselves and their team members - nothing is left to chance.  Automated reminder emails, timeline alerts, incomplete assigned learning or team members struggling to pass quizzes – it’s all there.


Customised tracking and reporting

  • Sling LMS’s monitoring and reporting capabilities will keep you on top of every aspect of your team’s learning – in real time 24/7.
  • Sling LMS captures the evidence you need to monitor your organisation’s risk and compliance needs.
  • Generate reports for individuals and groups anytime, anywhere - from commencement to completion, quiz scores and user feedback – it’s all at your fingertips.
  • Fully customisable to meet your unique hierarchy and reporting requirements Sling LMS provides the reports you need for managers, committees, auditors, quality improvement activities, contract obligations and accreditation.

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